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Naomi is a 24 year old Black British-Jamaican content creator, creative writer and public speaker. Her work has been featured in the 'Chasing Shadows' anthology (2016) by YoungWriters, and she is also performed at a variety of events, venues and institutions across the UK. These include Poetic Unity's The Poets Corner Online (2020), Awaken (2018) and Let's Talk: Mental Health (2018) at the University of Warwick.


Naomi has been writing over 10 years, and typically focuses on philosophical topics, human nature and much more. As a form of self-expression, through writing she aims to invoke a level of mystery that leaves the reader with an open interpretation of the text.


Alongside this, Naomi is a personal development enthusiastic covering articles around this space, and a public speaker including on this topic amongst others such as diversity and inclusion.

Naomi founded the Barking and Dagenham Community Scheme in 2018 to raise awareness around different industries and careers to students as social mobility sits very close to her heart. Since then, Naomi has hosted 2 workshops to over 40 students.

Connect with me:

Instagram: _naomielle

TikTok: _naomielle


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