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Naomi is a talented individual who thrives as a creative writer, public speaker, and content creator. With an innate ability to captivate audiences, Naomi's work has garnered recognition and made a significant impact in various areas.


Having honed her writing skills for over 10 years, Naomi's focus revolves around philosophical topics, human nature, and an array of intriguing subjects. Through her storytelling prowess, she aims to evoke a sense of mystery, leaving readers with an open interpretation of her captivating texts.


Additionally, Naomi is an ardent enthusiast of personal development and diversity and inclusion. As a passionate public speaker, she has shared her insights and experiences with over 500 individuals, addressing diverse topics within the realms of personal growth and inclusivity. Her impactful presentations have inspired positive change and encouraged others to embrace personal development while fostering a more inclusive society.


Outside of her writing and public speaking pursuits, Naomi's commitment to empowering the younger generation led her to establish a local school project in 2018. Through this initiative, she organises workshops aimed at raising awareness about different industries and careers among students. With two successful workshops already conducted, Naomi has already made a tangible difference in the lives of over 70 students.


Overall, Naomi's talent as a creative writer, powerful public speaker, and dedication to personal development and diversity and inclusion make her a true force to be reckoned with. Her work leaves an indelible impact on her audience, inspiring and empowering those around her.


Connect with me:

Instagram: _naomielle

TikTok: _naomielle


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