I am a 23 year old Black British-Jamaican published poet and creative writer. My work has been featured in the 'Chasing Shadows' anthology (2016) by YoungWriters, and I have also performed at a wide range of events, venues, and institutions across the UK, including Awaken (2018) and Let's Talk: Mental Health (2018) at the University of Warwick.

I have been writing for over 7 years, and I typically focus on topics around psychology, philosophy, relationships and much more. I see writing far beyond what it provides as a form of self-expression, which makes these topics increasingly important to me as I enjoy self-reflection on past situations through different perspectives and lenses that can be explored through writing. I also apply this while envisioning future situations that I desire to occur.


Throughout my writing, I aim to invoke a number of varied interpretations that one can consider and experience when reading my poems and writing pieces, which can be applied practically to their own life. 

I am also a graduate from the University of Warwick and a recognised 2019/2020 Future Leader by Powerful Media. Social mobility also sits very close to my heart, and so I founded the Barking and Dagenham Community Scheme in 2018 to run social mobility workshops around different industries and careers to young students in the London borough of Barking and Dagenham.


Finally, I am a finance professional, and a personal development enthusiast. I enjoy building my knowledge about personal development through books, online courses and individuals around me.

Connect with me:

Instagram: _naomielle

TikTok: _naomielle

Email: info@naomielle.com