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Love could always remind her of the thin fibres of desire that sat so close to her heart

Fragile, but strong in a world which she felt she belonged to and could share her emotions with

Because love is so strong, it has the power to impact every fibre of her bone

Or bones, as I would sometimes refer to it as... simply just based of her reaction to different situations, and how frequently or irregularly they impacted her perception of love, and most importantly her ability to love.

Love felt like glue

Mending together the missing parts that she felt had travelled so far from her

Self-love and love to the outside world

Feeling and belonging to something greater

And, what could be better than that?

To feel an emotion so intensely that words cannot always piece together

Love reminds you of meaning, it reminds you of purpose

It connects you to the broader picture in every sense

Your partner, friends, family and nature

The roles that they all play in their differentiated ways

Love felt like glue

Allowing her to mesh all of the missing pieces together to form her own definition of love

That she could expand out into and share to the world

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