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Bubble-Escape Out?

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Bubble, escape out of…

The moon

Until you come crashing back down to the ground

Stuck and tormented in a world with no door

An invisible handle which exists within yourself

Only awaiting your touch and peace of mind

Yet in a matter of minutes

That invisible handle becomes your visible hand

And I can’t reach out to you

I can’t reach inside your soul and grab it out

I wish I could help

But there’s a barrier between me and you

And it’s questionable whether it can ever be broken down

If it could, maybe things would be different

Your thoughts would sing of the sun and the air that you breathe would clear everything away

But, that’s hypothetical

I’m bringing you back down to the cold reality

The truth

Which you cannot run away from anymore.

Bubble, bubble escape out of…


Fly away, back into that home or that world that comforts your insides, but that won’t last forever.

Because I’m here to stay

And what if that handle dies?

Or, if that hand becomes invisible?

What then… will you do?

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