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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

Eyes that appeared big and larger with time

To the extent that she was shocked that she found herself doing irrational things to try and keep afloat and above the ground

She felt good was never enough and so she delved into that pit thinking about her world and the realities she felt she had experienced at a moment in time

Decisions...good or bad were always one step away from an act or two in her mind

And she was left with deciding what to do

Sleep on it? she questioned

Eager to get a response, though also eager to act on an impulse

She felt tied between the two acts just like her two and almost three worlds

Of realities clashing into each other and becoming new

If it is supposed to happen, then it will

And that's a statement she believed strongly, even at times, to save her from acting on it

Purely from a egoistical point of view and just because she felt that that was the way in which the forces and operations within the world worked

And that because you cannot foresee the future, that only hindsight will show what is best and also what was meant to happen

So maybe she should just sit back and wait and let her movie unfold

The best is yet to come

And the rest is coming and slowly following behind and in front - do you get it?

Because I wonder if she will

And besides, what do you think is best for her to do?

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