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Is reality for me?

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

How could I escape a reality that was built for me?

By design, I crafted it, carefully selecting what I wanted to be in the present moment and setting out how I were to live my life

Was all of my research and reading on consciousness to simply disappear into the air, because I have now seen the light?

And who dare question something so subjective, like reality that tingles at the tips of my fingers anytime I think of what is and what could be

So, is one supposed to drown away in their thoughts, simply imagining a world that they created, yet others can't see into?

And what if it were the case that when we are all dreaming and our subconscious takes over, that things get better then?

Do the dreams and divisions between multiple realities sew each other together or do they shatter apart when one awakens from their sleep?

Will the tears and sharp cuts from a heart be broken once and then moulded together by a dream and an exhaustive list of desires and wants that one can freely express...

Without judgement

Without a second thought

But, just simply to be

(Let her tell her story and I'll tell mine)

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