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Updated: Jun 10, 2019

Are you even real?

The reflection looking back at me

Deep into my eyes, right down through to the root of my core

A doppelganger?

Another concept in another world?

Don't confuse me please

I know the two cannot be separated

Yet why is it that when I look back into that mirror

I see my faith and emotions evaporating

Into some sort of mist that I can't see or seem to grasp

Perhaps that too doesn't exist

But then, who are you really?

Is this reflection really me?

Or is this all simply a concept made up in my mind to deceive me from time

Time which waits for nobody yet appears not to exist here

In this space, open and wide

The mirror still resides

Sometimes the truth hurts so much it hits the bone

Though smashing it into a million pieces wouldn't help either

You can't run away from yourself

Or your inner self

So you must face it

With whatever power or energy that you have left

Within 'you' or the other 'you'




Looking back at me

I have so many questions to ask you

But first of all,

Why me?

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