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Updated: Jul 11, 2020

Take it as a whole and break it into two,

Because those are the things that you love to do, right?

Or am I mistaken?

Perhaps this happened while I was sleeping

If so, don’t wake me up into that world

Bring me into the light for all to see

For the words to hit them right across their face

Nothing too technical for them to think about or even consider

Because it’s that simple, right?

Or so you and the world agree that it is

But conforming is boring, dull, and unauthentic

Why should I lie?

When I know that this is something that I cannot control?

[Should I deny that small side of the world?]

Or snap it into two

Or instead break it, crumble it, stamp on it

Because that’s what you do best right?

And I’ll try and find the glue

While the world sticks around in the form of an upside down frown

Because those people favour this, they like this, they wanted this to happen

Infact they were rooting for it all along

Yet here I stand, or at least attempt to in this sand of that ‘reality’ I told you and begged for you tell me was a dream

Because I can’t process how it could be otherwise

Though if it is not, there’s no energy or space for me despite that or the world

Perhaps I’ll just glue it into two

Into the world of simplicity that these people breathe into

While the other me stays dangled in a TV headstand within the sea

Simplicity taking over me, let me out and into the new, so that I can forget all that I’ve been ‘through’

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