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The Eyes of Turmoil and Emotions

A foreign feeling

Creeps up against me

As though I can intensely feel the chills of his breath breathing hard on my neck

What was once foreign becomes the norm again

But, how so?

I thought that had been left behind

I was so adamant she was gone

Or at least that part of her

But yet I see her at almost every moment slipping back into this cycle

Where she’s both attached and detached from the world

She feels present...

She is present

Yet she feels so distant

As though the world is playing through some sort of TV and she’s both the controller and audience

Dripping back...slowly but surely

She wants and calls for reality to come

To show itself

To remind her of what is real

Without her having constant moments of gasps and wonders of what could have been

As she struggles to hold the tears dropping from the corner of her eyes in public

As she wonders ‘what good that would do’

When no one else appears to see what she can see

Or feel what can she can

So maybe, she’s to be left alone?

Confined and isolated in her thoughts

It seems like the only present solution

As she travels and walks through the world

Endlessly chasing that high and constantly wondering whether it will ever come...

~ Will it?

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