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The Road Is Long

The Road is a long way ahead of what is to come, and I know that this might not seem to make sense

But, dreams will only remain dreams without actions

Action requires boldness, and courage, to fight and stand strong for what your heart dearly yearns for...

* * *

She would always tell me after school that 'one day she would make it big, and that one day she would be seen amongst the stars on TV'

And, while I was pleasantly surprised to hear such brightness bouncing from the beams of her vocal chords, she had missed one true aspect of life that I had tried over and over again to instil into her

Those values were gratitude and persistence, so that she could conquer whatever may come her way, as I know that her future is bright and will forever remain that way

* walking along the beach as the roaring waves of the sea seem to settle down *

I take my seat in the sun kissed sand waiting for a sign or some kind of revelation

That where she's going makes sense and is in line with what her Maker wants

And, who could ever question that?

I am not in a position to do so, nor is she in her full entirety

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