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The Spot in the Middle

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

A spot in the middle is all that she thought she wanted to be

In a space where all of her dreams and ambitions ripened by her feet

And a place where her mind was forced to think deep about what was next to come

The past and her subconscious could become so blurry and almost meshed into one

But, was she to blame anyone for that?

And if so, who would it be?

Did she have a right, she questioned to herself, to place this sort of responsibility on someone else or something else?

- A few hours pass - could it be so enticing?

Almost like the four walls of hope in her dream world were to come tumbling down symmetrically, in similarity to a ripened fruit turning off

Danger, she could delve in and dig out further information from out of that spot

The spot which despite all of the responsibility and accountability that it came with, she could control

She could ultimately control what she wanted to do next

The control was all in her hands and still is

And sometimes I worry for her desires and thoughts

I don't know where they will lead her to all the time

But, I keep my peace in knowing Jesus does...

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arsema assefa
arsema assefa
Jul 28, 2020

I look forward to reading more of your poems!!!


arsema assefa
arsema assefa
Jul 28, 2020

I love this Naomi!!!

  • The imagery you create through language and metaphor is really striking and helps illustrate your riddled subconscious

  • love how you use punctuation (e.g. lack of full stops, ellipsis, and question marks) to mirror the stream of consciousness

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