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Words and Meaning

Words no longer seemed to make as much sense to her as before

She dreamed and she lived on

But, she was faced with a harsh reality of becoming herself and stepping into the new crystallised lights, once some events and acts impacted her in ways that she never forecasted

She was told to carry on and stay positive

In order to remain on a solid path

But, they didn’t understand her reality and what felt so normal to them, was what was so abnormal to her

She could straddle and strive on

And that’s what she aimed to do

But she was tied once again

Almost like a banner between her head and heart

To not give up

But, to carry her load and continue on

As it would be best for her to follow the most well lit and God guided path, but sometimes she struggled

In fact, she struggled a lot

And so perspective helped at times

Objective....subjective....from within, from outside

Whatever worked

Sometimes just an extra layer of reality and a different worldview changed everything for her, and even brought light to the darkness

She questioned coming off the road completely, but finally figured it made most sense to stay on it

At least for the remaining hours she had left to complete her task

She was dumbfounded at how an act, one could consider to be so ‘small’, could impact her so much

Was it a build up?

Was this from within?

Was this always waiting to happen?

She questioned over and over again, struggling to trace back her steps and find the source of where her overflowing thoughts and emotions came from

Reality waited for her

It always did

Because she had the power to mould it to suit herself

And that’s what she continued to do...

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If I could, I would walk in your shoes,

bear witness to your perspectives

by being subjective regardless of the distress.

Remember, your soul is one that shines,

one that resembles the sweet taste of wine,

so whenever you heal, I feel.

Senseless words are what we used to dismantle the cradles of our thoughts;

hence, my stare at your doubts.

The path has been zebra-crossed

stop, left and right, your way forward has been justified,

mystified are the moments from point A to B,

which are mould by the grace-tied.

In other words, the "Path" is the way.

I loved your poem; not many people are genuine in their words when describing their inner-hurdles. I left a piece of…

Mar 21, 2021
Replying to

Hey, thank you so so much for your comment! I am so glad that my words were able to inspire you! I love the piece that you left :)

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