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Updated: Oct 16, 2023

"The words come to my brain, but I can't mutter them. Why is that?" she questioned to herself multiple times before drifting into a deep sleep...

Little did she know that her hidden fears would become so alive that she could resist no longer in this dream state.

-- (in a deepen sleep state), she found herself seated in space surrounded by different planets looking down on planet Earth --

Up above high in the sky, it became humorous how 'little' the things that she constantly fluttered about in real life, no longer mattered as much.

She was in a place where she could take a proper step back from her life, and was able to reflect on all that she could be grateful for. Friends, family, health, even the very fact of her being alive everyday. A blessing that she now remembered shouldn't be taken for granted. Though, she was almost bewildered by how it had gotten to a state where all of these things that she had to be grateful for were no longer second nature to her.

While she was in space, even for just a few hours, the experience completely shifted her reality and she now looked at her life in a completely different light.

-- (awaken), she took to her notebook and paper placed delicately next to her pillow --

"Look inside of my soul and you can find gold and maybe get rich" word to Kendrick (* Don't Kill My Vibe), what he was saying was right. If I start and stay committed to expressing gratitude daily, even for things that get taken for granted so often, such as having access to food and clean and water, my life will truly change. My soul would become so enriched, to such an extent that no amount of money would come close to its value.

I also know that Matthew 6:21 says “For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also,” and so it is very important that I keep at this. My treasure, my heart, my soul all come down to largely what I do and what I think, and I am in control of those things. I know I could go on further with all of this, but I think I'll leave it for another day.

-- she closes her notebook and gets ready to start her day --

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