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Danger Inside

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

A need and a feel for danger

Some sort of rush

She didn't really care what she could be getting herself into

But she knew deeply inside that she wanted to be dragged and pulled to pieces

For one to be able to find that gleaming red part inside of her unshaken

But, yet, ready to be shook

Of all of what she was ready to release and face

And so she shook the red parts, she dangled its chains

She shook it as hard as she possibly could

Without batting an eyelid

She thought that this 'thing' would really work

But the next few moments of her life were yet to showcase to her what she would really be waiting for

And maybe it could be a dream after all

But only time would tell

And she had to be patient enough for that moment to come and for that answer...whatever it might be

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