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The Light

Spiralling in and out

The ball over there which screamed of her worries as she came to the same realisation again

Her heart was heavy but now empty

With nothing but long-lasting sights to herself of what she wished she could have done better

My heart hurts

It feels like a thousand of tiny pieces

'What's going on?' she questioned

How did I let that happen to her?

Why didn't I stop her, or did it need to happen, for her to get where she is now mentally?

I guess I'll never know

But I just hope that she isn't too hard on herself

And learns to understand that being present sometimes leads to regret in hindsight

But she'll rise in due time

And all of these tiny pieces will quickly sow back together

Planting new seeds of life, glory and victory

A new, fresh canvas full of everything with no holes in sight

With nothing left behind

Nothing holding back

But simply by being free

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