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Coming Back From a Break

It's taken me months, in fact over a year to finally put pen to paper and write this article. It's hard to put into words why it has taken me so long, but I guess the easiest explanation is that my life went through a lot of motions, and to be honest I really wasn't feeling that inspired to write.

So, I tried to figure out how I could get back into the flow of things. I tried many times, but all failed. I came to think of what to write, but the words just weren't coming, so I left it. Only until recently, when I thought to myself about how I used to get inspired when I was younger, and how the words would just flow naturally. I also thought about the artists that I used to listen to when I was younger, and the influence that they had on my creativity, artists such as Kid Cudi, Lana Del Rey and Joey Bada$$ to name a few.

I say all of this to provide some context, so that I can finally get started on this post, with sharing advice on how breaks can be useful and how creativity blocks can be broken, if you're currently experiencing one or are just curious.

I thought it would be easiest to break down in bullet points how breaks can be useful, and how mine has helped me.

  • Breaks allow you to really reflect

I feel like even though I did not physically produce anything during my break, it really opened up my eyes to my writing journey, what I have achieved and how I could take it forward. For example, previously I only wrote poems and short creative stories, but as time went on I wanted to branch out to expand into other areas, hence the addition of the 'Articles' section on my website, which now sits as my main portfolio currently. For now, my poems and creative stories have been taken down from my site, but that's because I have something very exciting in store for them. But, back to the main point that I'm trying to make, alongside my own personal reflection, my love for reading books also came back and I found further inspiration through the work of other authors.

The main book that has stuck out to me so far is: 'This is Not Who I Am' - Emily Bootle, although there are many more books that I could mention. The last point that I will make is that by connecting back to the music of some of the artists that I mentioned above, I felt my creative energy coming back. And most importantly, as God has given me this gift, I refuse to waste it and so instead of overthinking my every step, I instead intend to take it day-day and just create. This leads me nicely into my second bullet point.

  • Breaks are a normal part of the process

It was definitely difficult at times not being able to create, when previously it would all come so naturally to me. But, once I took the pressure off myself, I was able to see it for what it was. There were times where I might have felt guilty for not actively using the gift that God has given to me, but at the same time it was important for me to remember that sometimes life happens and that's okay. It really is all part of the journey, because by taking a positive perspective on it all, it now actually gives me more to write about. Also, it taught me that breaks are okay, and are all part of the creative journey. I read 'Courage is Calling' - Ryan Holiday during my break, and this book lit the biggest fire in me to understand that my writing break was okay, especially as I was being productive in other aspects of my life.

To conclude, I hope this article is helpful in shining some light on my break, and what I've learned from it. Even putting this article together, I struggled at times, but I'm proud that I've still managed to put some words together, because it is at least the start of something. And, that's what's most important, as the hardest part is always getting started.

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