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The Importance of Writing

The importance and the benefits of writing are absolutely amazing, and in this article I'll explain why by providing you with some insight into my journey into writing and why I continue writing to this day.

I started writing around 12/13 years old, and I still have the very first poem that I ever wrote. I can vividly remember the moment and reason behind why I began to put pen to paper on that very day, with the thoughts that I'd written on paper somehow turning into a poem. At the time, what I really wanted was a platform for self-expression, and writing gave me that. It allowed me to write down my thoughts, feelings, emotions etc. and through this I have been able to exercise the skill of being able to consider many different perspectives for one scenario or many scenarios that may occur in life, which is another theme that comes through naturally in my writing.

Alongside creative writing, journaling is also a really useful tool, which allows you to better understand yourself from the way that you think to recognising trends in your emotions. Journaling is also quite flexible in that it can be done in the form of a gratitude journal for example. This is a form of journalling that I have used before and it really helped me to stay present. There are many other forms of journaling such as future planning journals, where you write about what you want the next few months to look like. I found that this form of journaling was very effective for setting milestones and picturing what I wanted my life to look like at the end of each future month.

All in all, writing provides a lot of clarity, and clarity of thought coupled with action can lead to new innovative business ideas or the formation of a new set of goals / habits. Ultimately, it can be used as an effective method for personal development.

Also, anyone can be a writer through consistency and dedication. One of my favourite philosophers, Aristotle sums this up quite nicely: “we are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit”, and so by taking a few moments a day to jot down some of your thoughts, or to start a habit where you dedicate 5-10 minutes to writing when you feel an emotion intensely, these efforts can all contribute to your own journey of writing, in whatever form that may be.

Plus, I'm sure you’ll be pleasantly surprised with what you put on paper.

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