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Lessons From 2021

2021 has been the most life changing year of my entire life. So many things occurred, though upon reflection I have listed below 4 key lessons that this year has taught me, and hopefully it can help you in some way too.

1. Prioritise your health

The importance of physical and mental health should never be understated. The pandemic has constantly highlighted this over and over as we’ve all entered a new territory of uncertainty and a state of constant change in our daily lives from work to socialising. But, if anything this year has shown me how important it is to be intentional about your health. Why? Well, because your health really is one of the most important and precious things in life. As the famous saying goes 'your health is your wealth', this year I placed a much higher priority around my health by playing around with different strategies from journaling to incorporating exercise into my daily routine as much as possible. Therefore, I now like to think of health as a foundation for many other aspects in life that contribute greatly to the type of life that you wish to live to ensure that you become the best version of yourself mentally and physically.

2. Take situations for what they are, and not for what you want them to be

Another key lesson that I learned this year is the importance of taking situations for what they are and not for what you want them to be. I believe that my interest in Stoicism, which really sparked at the beginning of this year and has grown increasingly ever since, has contributed greatly to this key lesson in two main ways. The first way is that by looking at your purpose and the wider picture in all situations, a Stoic approach allows you to stay more level headed and to not sugar coat things. This helps with decision making as you are able to consider various viewpoints and to come to conclusions that you feel are most logical. Secondly, it allows you to let go of situations and to seek out new opportunities, as life is all about experiences that add to your unique journey.

3. Don’t be afraid of change, instead embrace it

Change can be difficult sometimes. I get it, but the majority of the time it is absolutely necessary for your growth. A lot of the time, opportunities are presented and uncovered when leaps of faith are taken. Personally, I do understand how difficult unfamiliar environments can be, however I do feel like the most personal growth comes from being outside your comfort zone. So, I've learned to not be afraid of change, but to instead embrace it, as you never know what lies outside of your comfort zone. For example, you may find a new hobby or you may learn something new about yourself, but this will all remain a mystery if you remain in a state of comfort.

4. God’s timing is always best

Last but not least, I feel like I could repeat this point a million times, as while the saying God's timing is always best resonated with me growing up, this year was the year that it really hit. Plans, goals and visions are great and all, but nothing and I repeat nothing is greater than what God has in plan for each and every one of us. Delays and ‘setbacks’ do not always equate to failure or mean that your goal is unattainable, it may just mean that a redirection is needed, and God has so many mysterious ways of showing us why His path is always best and is what we need. Hindsight is powerful in that it always shows why we had to and have to go through some things in life, but as Romans 8:18 states “I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us.” and so nothing can ever beat God’s timing or His plan for us.

2021 - a year of many lessons and blessings. I’m very grateful for all that it has taught me and I'm looking forward to all that 2022 will bring.

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