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Updated: Oct 7, 2020

A spot in a puddle

Fed upon a plate

Force fed or should I go beyond?

Of all that I’ve been taught

Essentially all that I know

Against the norms, the social crowd

The light burning me to thinking for myself

To go beyond the face value

Without a hint of the consequences of doing such a thing

A spot decreasing, smaller and smaller in size

Minute by minute

As time continues to run out

And it won’t hesitate to pause just for you to stop and think it all out

There are always two routes

She knows

One, you listen

One, you rebel

Consequences which differ bearing on the pain that you wish to apparently suffer for or...

All of what you can handle

Though, don’t ever forget that the spot works simultaneously with time

I can’t stop that ship

I can’t stop that plane

From shooting into space


Leaving all of your thoughts behind

Of what some call lies, of what some call myths

Though, some of what you believe

And all your life you’ve been taught to stand strong in your beliefs

As apparently this is the only way you’ll ever eliminate and distance yourself from sin

Is that completely true ?

A spot hidden behind a closed window seated in a puddle

No air, no escape…


No one has the answers

Because you have to look within

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